Grand Cayman 2005

Indies Suites, our "home" on GC 1994-2004.

Indies Suites was destroyed by Hurricane IVAN in 2004.  All we have left is memories, although we did make it back to Compass Point with Ocean Frontiers for a week in January 2005 for DigiJam 1 with Dr. Alex Mustard.  Ted won a First Place, three Third places and an Honorable Mention.  Barbara won an Honorable Mention.

Grand Cayman 2005 photo gallery.

Grand Cayman
The Flying Fish Bar
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Little Cayman 2004

Digital Dive In 2 at the Little Cayman Beach Resort 2004 - Interrupted by evacuation in the face of Hurricane Ivan.

Little Cayman 2004 photo gallery.

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Little Cayman Beach Resort website.

Click here to see a short clip of Little Cayman Beach Resort
Click here for a short view of the bar at Little Cayman Beach Resort

Curacao 2003

Just a few dive sites around Curacao. Click on the map to go to a great site listing shore dives.
From Breezes looking East. Click on the photo to see details of diving the house reef! It used to be Princess Beach Resort but now it's Breezes.
Toward the Seaquarium

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Trip Report of Curacao 2003.  This is a pdf file.

Curacao 2003 photo gallery.

Earlier Grand Cayman Visits

TJ at the pool at Ocean Frontiers with the first digital rig, an Olympus 5050. Click on the photo to go to their site!

The links that follow will take you to our dive photos from 2003 and 2004.

Grand Cayman 2004 photo gallery.

Grand Cayman 2003 photo gallery.